The Rialto Wellness Boot Camp is conducted by a team of highly trained mind/body, exercise/nutrition experts who strive on going the extra mile to ensure you'll get the results you’re after. We provide a challenging, motivating, up beat and friendly atmosphere that is extremely addictive! We know you'll want to re-enlist again and again because there is nothing else like our program - we guarantee it!  

To get to know us better, read our biographies. Soon you’ll discover why The Rialto Wellness Boot Camp is so successful at inspiring others to GET FOCUSED, to lose body fat, to drop inches, to make healthier food choices, to run faster in marathons, to go for a higher education, to change to a healthier way of life and so on. If you want to get past those limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past, then - GET YOUR BUNS TO A BOOT CAMP! 

                                  JOHN MANCUSO, CO-FOUNDER/ INSTRUCTOR

​                                  ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Rialto Wellness: Where it all Fits - Mind, Body, Soul, & Fun
Growing up in the Midwest, you could always find John in the gym, on the football field, around the basketball courts, running the track and even carrying around the tennis racket.  It was here where he developed a passion for being physically fit, as well as the importance of exercise for the body.

This passion has blossomed into a career as a certified personal trainer who is highly devoted to making a positive difference in the health and wellness of every individual.  Throughout the years, John has explored a variety of fitness gyms and health clubs, experimented with many different training programs, closely monitored his nutrition and taken great pride in personal dedication towards being health-conscience.  It gives him great pleasure to extend his expertise to others.

“The human body is a complex machine.  We need to give it the type of attention and care it so deserves.  It disheartens me to know that only 25% of our population participates in the recommended daily exercise needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We, as a society, need to take action NOW!  We need to get off our butts and get the heart rate and muscles MOVIN’!  We need to educate ourselves about the foods we’re eating.  You take care of your kids…your home…your finances…your car; why not take care of YOURSELF?”

I look forward to changing your life.

                                       CO-FOUNDER/ INSTRUCTOR

​                                       Nutrition and Health Specialist

Rialto Wellness adds the balance.  With backgrounds in a wide variety of sports (track, gymnastics, dance, weight lifting, and volleyball), Rialto Wellness Co-Founder is primarily interested in fitness programs that are fun, varied, challenging and ever-evolving. It was this interest in finding an extraordinary kind of workout that first led me to try a boot camp routine for myself. 

My ability to motivate individuals started at an young age when he was scouted and hired as an instructor for a sports entertainment company in California.  During this time, I travelled from coast to coast working with high school, collegiate, and NFL Pro teams, gymnastic, dance teams and cheerleading squads.  This is where I found my calling.  I began to see how young men and women where depriving there bodies of the necessary nutritients needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I began teaching private clinics on the importance of eating healthier, the dangers of skipping meals and the side effects of eating junk food.

With graduate work completed in nutrition and health, I work to ensure that Rialto Wellness Boot Camp teaches common-sense nutrition and health principles.  Rialto Wellness Studios LLC, evolved out of our desire to build on the boot camp concept.

For those who want the expertise of a personal trainer, the guidance of a nutritionist, the mental tips of a life coach all in one – I am your Rialto Wellness Boot Camp Instructor of choice. Taught with a unique style, Rialto Wellness Boot Camp is designed to help people break old bad habits, develop the mental focus to remain motivated and learn the correct techniques it takes to get in shape and STAY in shape for a lifetime.

I will be there every step of the way to help you reach your goals.